Photo: Sterling Zumbrunn
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Conserving Raja Ampat
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  Conservation Outreach
Over the past 3 years, Conservation International (CI) and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) have worked closely with the Raja Ampat government and local organizations to dramatically increase local understanding and appreciation of Raja Ampat’s biodiversity, the threats to it, and the need for local leadership in effectively managing it.  Two key initiatives in the outreach campaign are the Radio Gelar Senat Raja Ampat and the Tabloid Raja Ampat Read more
  Kalabia Conservation Education Program
The much-anticipated education boat, MV Kalabia (the local name for the walking shark), arrived to great fanfare in Raja Ampat at the end of February, 2008 and was official launched on September 30, 2008. The colorful 34 meter floating environmental education center will tour the islands spending a few days at each village or group of small villages to deliver highly-interactive experiential conservation education programming to the communities.
Read more
  Pigs for Turtles
Traditionally avid turtle poachers, many Ayau villages are now voluntarily stopping turtle hunting in order to help protect these endangered species. However they require an alternative sustainable source of protein to eat in village ceremonies. They determined that pigs would be appropriate... Read more
Photo:Burt Jones
Photo: Sterling Zumbrunn