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Conserving Raja Ampat

Community project fund  
Posyandu Health Program
– A Clinic for Mothers and Babies

For 2007-2008, money from the entrance fee supported the Posyandu Health Program, a health clinic for mothers and
babies, in all 88 villages and sub-villages of Raja Ampat. The program is run by the local Health Department who train and pay 5 Cadres in each village. These Cadres are responsible for holding a monthly clinic where all the pregnant women or women with young children meet. The babies are weighed to check for healthy growth. Pregnant women are provided with vitamins and iron supplements. The Cadres also distribute basic medication for simple medical ailments such as diarrhea.  To encourage attendance, everyone is provided with a nutritious meal including green beans, coconut milk and palm sugar.

The first Posyandu distribution occurred in October 2007, supplying 3 months of materials to all of Raja Ampat’s villages. In addition to the food and vitamins, health education materials including the book “Where Women Have No Doctors: A Health Guide For Women” were distributed to each village. The second distribution of supplies took place in January/February 2008 and included uniforms for each of the Cadres.

Hopefully the Posyandu program can be further developed as an avenue for effective distribution of more health and nutrition education to the villages.
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Photo: Conservation International
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