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Conserving Raja Ampat
Administration of Multistakeholder Management Team  

The Management Team is responsible for the tag system operation, community relations regarding the tag system and benefits to the community. The Management Team also works with the communities to determine how the funds collected from the tags will be spent.  The team then instructs the management staff on how to source, purchase, and distribute materials accordingly. There are two committees each of which manages a fund, one for community development projects and one for policing and conservation.

The 2007-2008 Tim Pengelola Multi-Stakeholder Tag Fund Management Team

Pembina (Chair)

Drs. Marcus Wanma M.Si
Drs. Inda Arfan


  Abner Kaisiepo S. Sos Advisor  

Ketua (Head)

  Drs. Darius Marauw Head Raja Ampat Tourism Dept  
  Klasina Rembekwan Raja Ampat Tourism Dept  

Bidang Konservasi (Conservation and patrol committee)


Syafri (Koordinator)
Edi Frommenweiler(Anggota)
Reinhart Paat(Anggota)

Fisheries Dept
Dive Operator Representative
The Nature Conservancy


Bidang Kesejahteraan Masyarakat (Community program committee)


Salomina Wanma(Koordinator) Jacinta Djuang(Anggota)
Yeheizkiel Arempeley

Health Dept Representative
Conservation International
Customary leader (Adat)


Bidang Pengawasan (Oversight committee)


Syaiful Haji Malik(Koordinator)
Meity Mondong(Anggota)
Obed Lense(Anggota)

Conservation International
Community Representative


Management Staff (Fee collection and purchasing)

  Rudi Yarangga
WK Chiputri


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