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Raja Ampat is also known for its spectacular above water scenery. Sparsely inhabited, most of Raja Ampat still has pristine rainforests atop dramatic limestone cliffs, uninhabited bays with white sand beaches and all sorts of hidden treasures to greet the intrepid explorer. It’s a kayakers dream, an intricate coastline with caves, bays, gorges, hidden rivers—all buzzing with exotic tropical wildlife.


A birdwatching hike on Gam Island might take you through scenic forests, past fragile orchids growing from cracks in the stone, and finally to the unforgettable experience of witnessing male birds of paradise doing their elaborate courtship dances to attract females. For more information on bird watching trips, visit

Caving will bring you an exciting look into an amazing hidden world through a breath-taking underground experience. Also, look out for exotic historical artifacts and interesting remnants from World War II, such as crumbling forts and sunken bomber planes.

The friendly people of Raja Ampat have largely been able to maintain their ancestral ways of life and traditional values, making it an interesting destination as well as an anthropological haven. There is a wide variety of community celebrations, which always include various types of music, dancing, singing performance and other fun.

Make sure to talk to your tour operator if you are interested in any land based or cultural activities!

Photo: Sterling Zumbrunn
Photo: Burt Jones
Photo: Burt Jones